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You know the song that starts

with the least effort and then

like a MAGNET pulls every bit sonic.

This is one of those. Does not mean

took less effort but it did work out well.

I started this song by writing some

chords on OP-1, twisting and turning knobs–

getting something I like going on and

then writing the rest of the song on DAW.

I use Logic Pro X. Just in case.

Back to song–

so yeah experimenting and creating sound

but also making sure it remains

IMPERFECT and a little strange.

Infact– I am pretty sure chords I played

on OP-1 are voiced

[if not completely different]

very differently from

what I wrote in my DAW.

I hope this is liked or heard.

Would be happy if this

fills the air around some folks.

Song comes out November, 29, 2020

Follow me on Spotify to catch it

when it drops.

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